im lost

Did it ever happen that you feel as if you are in the middle of a big gigantic crossroad where all ways looks the same… empty, scary, confusing and no help around???

Feel like I’m in one such situation. Some time we take few really bold steps in life where we think that good or bad.. lets do it. I wonder how many people would be prepared for the bad in those situations. Never did I give a thought about it coz never did a situation like that arrive before, but now I feel that though I have jumped into a couple of things very boldly and I was never prepared for the bad that could ever happen. Deep down somewhere buried, I knew that things can sometimes go wrong, but not once did I plan for it. Lol, no one really plans for it though.
And now what??? Which path do I take?

All directions seem to be almost the same…. Tough, tedious, full of twists and turns..And also I don’t find a path which might have a near parallel path to it.
Now I realize that I’m lost…
, 12:58 PM

An idea can change everything

Face book with its new farming game is rocking the chart lists. A wonderful idea to keep people online. With the privilege, that each one can get back with their own convenience. The age old concept of trying to take people back to farming and helping them leave the city life is another lovely idea. Each and every aspect that has been designed has been so carefully thought and clearly coded. Zynga which has been the backbone for this game has announced its greater success after the launch of FarmVillie on June 19th 2009. Data shows that it has been adding 1 million new users every week and at any given time there are almost 11 million users who are online.

Now I have nothing more to say than just wowwwwwww…..
I knew this game for a long time. I was not an active visitor on face book before I started playing this game. I heard about farmvilli from every one. Whoso ever I talk, tell me about this application. Suggest that I should give it a try. Initially I thought it’s just a game, and I wondered how people are spending so many hours just for that game. It really surprised me. The most interesting thing that once happened to me was when I saw my friend get up early in the morning at 5’o clock to harvest his strawberry farms. I was surprised. a person who never even bothered to get up so early whatsoever. Got up just to harvest his crop… wofff….

And then I thought I should give it a try. Finally I started Farming and I don’t know how/why/what… I started liking it.

I appreciate all the effort that went into the designing. The credit goes to Mark Skaggs and his team. I admit it has definitely broken every expected rule or social gaming. The idea itself is amazing. Who thinks about taking us back to farming at this time. Definitely no one. And every minute aspect of helping your neighbours. Calculating what you have to harvest to get benefits. Prioritizing what you want in your farm. Everything is awesome…

I'm loving it!!!

. D O T

a simple dot. doesnt even look like a significant thing. but can change the entire sentence. one can end the series with that lil dot. and it can also start another beggining after the same dot....may be its always in the way you want to look at it

is it an end, or the beginning!!!
, 2:44 AM

Pocket Full of Sunshine

Natasha Bedingfield

cheers Natasha
im lov'n it!!!
, 10:07 PM

My first Crush

January 27th, 2008, i saw him for the very first time. The minute i looked at him
i knew it... i couldn't take my eyes off him, what charisma!!! what grandeur did he carry with him. His very looks, strong body, and his eyes..lovely!! i just got lost in them. I kept looking at him..or rather u can call it i was staring to death. we were about to head on to a long drive.. just two of us in my sweet lil dream

and then suddenly i was awakened..huhh... i was literally being dragged away from him. then i planned for a great escape and got back for one last picture. and here it is

Audi R8 my first crush, a machine i would love to drive some time... lovely isn't he???

This picture is a lil old one, but when i was browsing for the all new 2010 Audi R8, i was even more thrilled. Awesome it is!!! more of audi here. Its outstanding features would include its super performing 5.2 engine with its 525 hp capacity and can reach an acceleration of 0-60 in almost 3.9 seconds... Apart from that it's been carved with its luxurious and sophisticated looks apart from the best interiors.

check out few of the latest pics here!!

will be back soon with more of my macho machine pretty soon


BOSSUU..memory LOSSUU....
do you think I’m not trying to hum the latest song here
I forgot something really important

as a mark of reverence my deep appreciation
for all those teachers n elders
who have directly or indirectly taught me the values of my life
who at every stage guided me to choose the best
who taught me to stand for what is right.. no matter how hard it is
and showed me the beauty of sharing, caring and being for one another

"Guru Brahmaa Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheswara
Guru Saaksaat Param Brahma
Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha"


I miss my school time now. It was a lot fun then [:P] But something i was wondering here is, how come orkut didn’t remind me of the day?? Whatever is the occasion i find all the display pics and status messages turned on with the latest new. When YSR expired almost all the names were turned to "YSR we miss you, YRS; may his soul rip" and so on. But somehow i didn’t find the Teachers day message on any of my updates. I’m not blaming people for not reminding me (lol) but i think the day was worth being mentioned.